Hudson Farms is a progressive fourth and fifth generation grain farm located in West Central Indiana. Curt and Chris Hudson specialize in corn and soybean production and profit maximization through the use of the latest no-till machinery, technology and soil conservation. Hudson Farms strives to be the best possible stewards of the land while preserving our traditional farm values of hard work, integrity and honesty.  

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February 23: Winter Continues...

Cold, sometimes snowy, but mostly cold, conditions look persist into March in West Central Indiana. Mother Nature has made more than made up for what was a relatively mild winter early on. The only projects that the unforgiving weather has truly hindered are the expansion of our main toolshed (farm chemical storage & mixing facilities) and a the building of an entirely new storage shed.


While the weather isn't indicative of Spring's rapid approach, the calendar begs to differ. Keep up with what looks to be a busy month ahead on the farm through our social media pages and the continually updated Flickr album below!


January 15: Winter 'Offseason'

Farmers take the winter off, right?!?! Wrong. Anymore, it seems as though the Winter 'Offseason' flies by as quick as we perceive the Summer comes and goes.


Early winter activities revolve around cleaning, maintaining, and storing machinery – grain delivery from on farm storage is usually subsequently or simultaneously beginning... and continues, to one degree or another, throughout the entire winter, spring, and summer months. Hudson Farms is dedicated to being a 'Learning Organization', so the winter season is also packed full of continued learning opportunities. On the schedule this year are The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP), Top Producer Seminar, National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) DuPont New Leaders Program, Top Producer Executive Network (TPEN) Signature Event, and a TPEN Peer Group On-Farm Session. As always, Follow us on Twitter and Like our Facebook page to keep up with our #Winter15 activities!


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