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Hudson Farms is a multi-generation, family-owned and operated grain farm in West Central Indiana.  Our main shop and office is located directly across the road from the farm the Hudson family homesteaded five generations ago in Montgomery County.  While the farm has dramatically transformed over generations, the underlying values and guiding principles of hard work, integrity, and honesty have not.  

Vision Statement

To be a dynamic farm operation recognized for superior landowner satisfaction, a commitment to profitable production agriculture, and refusal to accept the status quo.  We will be leaders in innovation and technological implementation, relentlessly adapting to an evolving business environment.  Hudson Farms will embrace the process of growth, welcome change as opportunity, and strive to ensure a competitive present and sustainable future.

Mission Statement

To be the best possible stewards of the land while preserving our traditional farm values of hard work, integrity, and honesty.  We are committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our landowners, business partners, and employees and the communities therein.

Core Values – “The Butler Way”

Our Core Values are built around the five pillars of Tony Hinkle’s “The Butler Way”.  While "The Butler Way" was founded in sports, the collective principles it defines are easily applicable to organizational success in the business world.

Humility – know who we are, strengths and weaknesses

Passion – do not be lukewarm, commit to excellence

Unity – do not divide our house, team first

Servanthood – make teammates better, lead by giving

Thankfulness – learn from every circumstance




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