Implement Guidance Made Easy.

Hudson Farms is not only a dealer of the ProTrakker hydraulic hitch but also a proud user. 


The ProTrakker hydraulic hitch is a GPS ready active guidance system that provides sub-inch guidance to both drawbar and 2-point model implements.  The ProTrakker is mounted directly to your tractor’s factory drawbar or 3-point assembly.  It is compatible with John Deere iSteer and Trimble TrueTracker implement guidance systems.


Drawbar Model2-Point Model


What makes the ProTrakker special is its ease of use between multiple implements in your operation.  More importantly, it allows farmers who require maximum precision guidance to make more precise trips across their fields, each successive application complimented by the previous.  As production agriculture moves forward, narrow row spacing and precision nutrient application are becoming increasingly important.  Active implement guidance is the technology that will lead our industry into the next generation of precision agriculture and the ProTrakker hydraulic hitch is positioned to serve that market.




Our operation uses the ProTrakker for both planting and sidedressing applications, but its use extends to any field application that requires a high level of implement precision.  Popular uses include:

  • Planters
  • Strip-Till Rigs
  • Pull-Type Sprayers
  • Anhydrous or 28% Sidedress Bars

With today’s high input costs and volatile crop prices, why not strive for perfection?  


Further information available at ProTrakker's official websiteYouTube channel, or Facebook page


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