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We take great pride in our detailed agronomic and conservation-oriented approach to corn and soybean production, but we also realize that superior farming practices are not the collective means to the end of landowner satisfaction.  As a business determined to serve our customers, our driving focus is to continually deliver value and services that earns their respect and develops loyalty.


Links & Resources for Landowners  

It's one thing to own farmland and be aware of the asset's value and management, quite another to feel comfortable that one's awareness is keeping pace with current trends and fair market values. There are abundant online resources to keep landowners well informed so that they can be comfortable with their investment. Some of the best, most informative university and independent resources are listed below.


Purdue University


  • AcreValue - A map-based farmland valuation tool; the Zillow of farmland.

University of Illinois

  • FarmDoc - Extensive management and news site by U of I extension.


Leasing ArrangementsLeasing Arrangements  

We offer a variety of competitive farmland leasing arrangements to fit landowners’ individual needs.  We will compare and discuss the income potential between the various arrangements and the level of management you desire.  Example arrangements include: 

  • Fixed Cash Rent (additional cash bonus possible)
  • Flexible Cash Rent
  • Crop Share
  • Custom Operation


Farm Succession PlanningFarm Succession Planning

According to the USDA (2012), the average age of the American farmer is 57, with 40% of all farmers over the age of 55.  As a multi-generation family farm that has developed a detailed, written succession plan ourselves, we are well versed on the hurdles of generational transition.  With aid from our professional team of legal and financial advisers, we will help identify your personal, family and business objectives to develop a viable plan to facilitate your transition out of farming while preserving family wealth and farm legacy.


Management ObjectivesManagement Objectives

  • Financial Security: Guarantee punctual payment
  • ROI: Premium economic returns & long-term asset improvement 
  • Sustainability: Maximum conservation practices
  • Transparancy: Thorough communication & information transfer
  • Simplicity:  Ultimate farm stewardship 
  • Customization: Leverage technical & professional resources to meet each Land Partner's unique goals


Services IncludedServices Included

  • Timely planting and harvesting
  • Timely mowing of roadsides, waterways, & CRP acreage
  • Timely chemical & fertilizer application by certified applicators
  • Crop scouting & consultation by Certified Crop Advisors
  • Geospatial soil testing & variable rate fertilizer application
  • Minor field tile repair & installation
  • Snow removal, where necessary
  • Manage and maintain farm structures
  • Farm-specific data access through secure landowner log-in


Farmland MaintenanceFarmland Maintenance

Farmland stewardship extends beyond simply raising a agronomically sound, cost-effective cash crop.  Recognizing the value in not only maintaining but improving every acre we farm, we have made investments into non-traditional farm equipment.

  • Backhoe – Historically non-traditional, a backhoe is a modern farm necessity.  Used for field tile maintenance, fencerow maintenance, and manageable demolition projects.
  • Excavator – Where excavator work was previously contracted, we now keep the task in house.  Our Caterpiller 325C makes large-scale demolition and fencerow removal efficient and timely.
  • Tile Plow – Similar to excavator work, vertically integrating the capacity to design and install field drainage systems makes the task not only efficient and timely but also extremely cost-effective.



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