"We have been farming with Hudson Farms for over 30 years. During that time, excellent care has been taken of the land, improving the quality of the soil with timely crop rotation, addition of tile drainage, weed control, and appropriate use of fertilizer."


"Each year crop yields have equaled or exceeded those of surrounding farms. Our relationship has always been professional, based on honesty and integrity."


"There have been many changes and advancements in both farm and crop management over the past thirty years. Curt has always been on the “cutting edge” of farm machinery and crop management. The addition of his son, Chris, to the “management team” has enhanced this even further by providing a unique combination of agricultural expertise with access to state of the art agricultural technology."


- Dr. Clifford Craig, M.D., University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, Michigan



"Curt Hudson and his family have farmed my parent’s farm since 1990 when my father retired from active farming. Due to the passing of my father and my mother’s failing health, I have taken an active role in the management of the farm."


"Curt and Christopher use the most modern cutting edge technology to maximize the yield potential of our family’s farm while exercising prudent conservation practices to preserve the soil. They have excellent machinery and equipment, which allow them to plant, maintain and harvest our crops in a timely manner."


"Most importantly, Curt and Christopher have made themselves readily available to assist my mother with her small, but important jobs around the farm that she is unable to perform herself. The care and concern they have shown my mother is atypical of most tenant farmers. The Hudson’s are not only our tenant, they are great friends and neighbors."


- Rodger A. Winger, Sr. Vice President, Tri-County Bank & Trust Co. | Coatesville, Indiana



“Hudson Farms leased the Klinker Family Ltd. Partnership's acreage, bins and equipment storage for many, many years.  We vetted their reputation against every noteworthy competitor while seeking tech savvy, top-notch agronomy skills and, of course, fair-minded compensation for our 8 partners. Experience has clearly proven that we made a great choice.  But, the bonus has been this extraordinarily personal service the Hudson’s deliver—truly above and beyond.  If trust is important, put Hudson Farms at the top of your list. I promise you'll be glad you did.”


- Martea A. Utley, General Partner, Klinker Family Ltd. Partnership | Linden, Indiana



"It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to express the highest level of satisfaction with Curt and Christopher Hudson. Our families have shared 40 years of working together. With an eye for the land’s future, we have followed their suggestions of steadily making drainage, fertility, fencerow removal and general improvements. They have consistently exceeded our production expectations and profitability every year."


"We have a few wooded areas we want to keep for the area wildlife and they use their excavator and backhoe to keep everything contained and looking nice. We are very impressed with how they keep the fields weed free and how the side ditches are maintained. They communicate frequently to be sure if we have any questions about our farm and discuss articles that we have seen in magazines and Purdue publications."


"I am a third generation owner, preceded by Joe & Becky Weaver and Floyd & Van Fraley before my parents and I’m sure they are all happy with our continued connection with the Hudson family."


- Martha Weaver | Linden, Indiana


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