September 27: #Harvest15

Harvest is finally here! Hopefully Mother Nature cooperates more than she did throughout this year’s growing season; she certainly can’t get much worse.


The harvest season means increased farm vehicle traffic on local roads and highways. Please exercise caution when approaching farm equipment to ensure your safety and the safety of others.


Follow our social media pages for frequent harvest updates and the Harvest 2015 Flickr album below!


February 23: Winter Continues...

Cold, sometimes snowy, but mostly cold, conditions look persist into March in West Central Indiana. Mother Nature has made more than made up for what was a relatively mild winter early on. The only projects that the unforgiving weather has truly hindered are the expansion of our main toolshed (farm chemical storage & mixing facilities) and a the building of an entirely new storage shed.


While the weather isn't indicative of Spring's rapid approach, the calendar begs to differ. Keep up with what looks to be a busy month ahead on the farm through our social media pages and the continually updated Flickr album below!


January 15: Winter 'Offseason'

Farmers take the winter off, right?!?! Wrong. Anymore, it seems as though the Winter 'Offseason' flies by as quick as we perceive the Summer comes and goes.


Early winter activities revolve around cleaning, maintaining, and storing machinery – grain delivery from on farm storage is usually subsequently or simultaneously beginning... and continues, to one degree or another, throughout the entire winter, spring, and summer months. Hudson Farms is dedicated to being a 'Learning Organization', so the winter season is also packed full of continued learning opportunities. On the schedule this year are The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP)Top Producer SeminarNational Corn Growers Association (NCGA) DuPont New Leaders ProgramTop Producer Executive Network (TPEN) Signature Event, and a TPEN Peer Group On-Farm Session. As always, Follow us on Twitter and Like our Facebook page to keep up with our #Winter15 activities!


September 3: #Harvest14 on the Horizon

The past month has brought the warmest weather of the summer (following the coldest recorded July in Indiana's history) and  has also been accompanied by timely rains. We've had locally 5-8 inches of rain since the beginning of August, which has provided the opportunity to rival last year's phenomenal corn crop. Soybeans have also greatly benefitted from the late season rains, as the plants will use the moisture to finish pod fill. Our most mature corn tested 36.% moisture yesterday, so corn harvest likely won't begin until October. Soybeans, however, are turning and we'll likely start harvest around September 20th. Until then, #Harvest14 preparation continues!  Follow us on Twitter and Like our Facebook page to keep up with our #Harvest14 progress!


April 22: #Plant14 slow to start

Like last year, #plant14 is lacking progress into late April. Though not to the extent of 2013, cool and wet weather have kept planters from the field. Conditions have recently improved to allow field preparations such as tile repair, leveling of fencerows & other winter excavation work, and spreading debris around ponded areas. Our planting eqiupment is patiently ready and waiting to head to the fields when a window opens. Follow us on Twitter and Like our Facebook page to keep up with our #Plant14 progress!


December 5: #Harvest13 Complete

It's hard to believe harvest wrapped up nearly a month ago on November 13th. Following the drought of 2012, this year's fall came as a pleasant reminder of how farming never fails to make each year a distinctly different adventure, providing continual learning experiences through times both challenging and easygoing. Winter activities proceed so, as always, keep in touch with frequent news and updates via our Facebook page and Twitter account!


October 19: Soybean Harvest Complete

Soybean harvest is complete and corn harvest is underway... As always keep up with our daily activities on our Facebook page and our 2013 Harvest album on Flickr!!


October 3: Harvest Underway

Soybean harvest began in a week ago today on September 25.  Unfortunately, less than conducive weather conditions have slowed progress, with about 30% completion to date.  Minimal corn has been harvested, as the crop moisture remains a bit too high.  Near-term weather forecast looks to remain an obstacle, though it won't keep us from trying!


September 10: Pursuit of 300 Farm Tour Concludes

The Pursuit of 300SM Road to Higher Yields Farm Tour wrapped up on our farm in the last week of August.  The tour brought media attention to the practices we've implemented on our Pursuit field as well as growing season struggles and learning experiences.  The event culminated with a lunch and learn with Mosaic agronomists Ron Olson and Tom Frey that was attended by our retail partners and other growers.  


Hoosier Ag Today and AgriNews wrote articles detailing the event.  A YouTube video capturing the media interviews surrounding the event is found below.



August 2: Where Has Summer Gone?!?!

It's hard to believe harvest is just around the corner and, as usual, summer has nearly passed in the blink of an eye.  We've been staying busy attending conferences and continuing education events, cleaning and maintenancing machinery, and doing some much needed facilities cleaning and maintenance on every building we use for storage.  Thanks to the facilities cleaning, we'll be updating our For Sale page as we let go some items and machinery we no longer need or use.


August isn't going to slow down as we shift our facilities focus on our main toolshed for organizational revamping and cleaning.  Additionally, we'll be preparing for an event at our farm with our peer group, Landlord Appreciation Dinner, Pursuit of 300 Farm Tour, and, finally, harvest preparation.  As always, stay tuned to our Facebook page for frequent news and updates!


May 29: Planting Complete

An unusually late planting season has finally come to completion.  We didn't plant a single corn or soybean seed until the calendar rolled over to May as we waited for the weather to cooperate, finishing corn on May 19 and soybeans May 22.  Our focus has now shifted to side-dressing nitrogen on our corn acres, where we're, once again, waiting for the weather to cooperate and bring sufficient drying for field work.


May 9: Planters Finally Rolling

While we had some soybeans in the ground by the first weekend of May, we started planting corn on Monday.  It is still slow going while dealing with unideal planting conditions thanks to remaining moisture, but we've made progress.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for frequent updates!


April 15: "Hoosier Ag Today" profiles our farm in the Pursuit of 300 

Andy Eubank, from Hoosier Ag Today, interviewed Christopher about Hudson Family Farms' participation in the Pursuit of 300 at the Commodity Classic in Kissimmee, Florida last month.  Listen to the full interview and read Hoosier Ag Today's article HERE.


March 14: Hudson Family Farms featured on "This Week in Agribusiness"


January 17: Welcome to Hudson Family Farms' NEW Website!

Welcome to our new, re-designed website!  It's been a few months coming...  MORE >>>

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